Boys' Life

November 1935

Vol. 25 - N° 11

52 pages
William Heaslip



Torpedo Terror
Aviators and planes find a cool receoption on the U.S.S. Denver

Illus. by William Heaslip
Blaine and Dupont Miller 5
Pigskin Goat
One fumble which put a team on edge through an entire season

Illus. by Paul Dudley
Harold M. Sherman 8
Wings of an Eagle - Part III
Don Parker's Patrol tastes fire

Illus. by Gordon Grant
Washburn Thompson 12
Arrows from the Sky
Another story of Og, Son of Fire

Illus. by Jack Murray
Irving Crump 14
Gridiron Grenadiers - (Conclusion)
Army takes on the Navy

Illus. by Robert A. Graef
Paschal N. Strong 16
An Unexpected Ally
Simba, king of the African veldt, roars defiance at his pursuers

Illus. by the author
Walter J. Wilwerding 18

Special Articles

Treasure at Cocos
With a personal message to BOYS' LIFE readers

Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
Sir Malcolm Campbell 10
Food for the Mind
and Food for the Belly
Dan Beard 21
II — T.W.A.'s Douglas "Sky Chief"
Clayton Knight

Regular Features

Editorial James E. West 20
Hiking With Green Bar Bill [William Hillcourt] 22
The Scout World James E. West 23
Keeping Physically Fit C. Ward Crampton, M.D. 24
Movies of the Month Franklin K. Mathiews 26
Scouting Section Dan Beard 31
Think and Grin F.J. Rigney 37
Stamps O.W. Simons 46

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