Boys' Life

January 1935

Vol. 25 - N° 01

52 pages
Jack Murray


Frontispiece: Uniuk
Stark tragedy rides the ice floe
Don Stevens


Half wolf — but what a dog!

Illus. by W.J. Wilwerding
Jack Allman 5
The Ghost of Devil's Reef
On the coral reefs of Panama

Illus. by William Heaslip
Lawrence M. Guyer 8
Below the Bottom
"Sand-hogs" fight under the river

Illus. by Frank Pagnato
Capt. Burr Leyson 11
Thunder Ahead! - (Part 2 of 6)
The new car is built and raced

Illus. by H.A. Burne
Sir Malcolm Campbell 12
Five Captains
Too good is just too bad

Illus. by Robert A. Graef
J. Chute 14
The Unknown Four
Dr. Stone solves another problem

Illus. by Paul Dudley
William Heyliger 18
The Red Beards from the North
The first smoke signals (Og Son of Fire)

Illus. by Jack Murray
Irving Crump 20

Special Articles

Getting Ahead: No. 4, Education
You can't get along without facts
Myron M. Stearns 10
The Last Frontier of Exploration
Whittling at the great Antarctic Continent
August Horowitz 16
How to Make a Happy New Year Happy
The National Scout Commissioner is telling you
Dan Beard 23
The Coming National Jamboree
Advance dope on the Big Doings
The BOYS' LIFE Golf Championship
Toss your eye on these scores!

Regular Features

Editorial Page James E. West 22
Hiking With Green Bar Bill [William Hillcourt] 24
The Scout World James E. West 25
Keeping Physically Fit C. Ward Crampton, M.D. 26
Movies of the Month Franklin K. Mathiews 28
Think and Grin Francis J. Rigney, Editor 37
Scouting Section Dan Beard 41
Stamps O.W. Simons, Editor 46
Sea Scouting Thomas J. Keane, Editor 50

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