Dec 1934

Boys' Life

December 1934

Vol. 24 - N° 12

64 pages
Arthur Smith



Thunder Ahead! - (Part 1 of 6)
The pit-signal said "Faster!"

Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
Sir Malcolm Campbell 5
Cited for Courage
Red sticks with East High

Illus. by George Avison
G.E. Wallace 8
Yule Log
"Additional on dispatch State Police 8"

Illus. by Paul Dudley
Marvin L. De Vries 10
The Call
Clyde Marsden gets a surprise

Illus. by A.D. Rahn
Jack Allman 13
The Golden Whale - (Conclusion)
Big Dan versus Black Bill

Illus. by Gordon Grant
Coulton Waugh 14
The Wrath of the River God
The Devil Doctor bets on the crocodile

Illus. by Jack Murray
Irving Crump 16

Special Articles

Getting Ahead: No. 3, Skill
What it means to have educated muscles

Illus. by Stuart Hay
Myron M. Stearns 12
A Christmas Hike to Legend Land
Uncle Dan calls out the Enchanted Cohorts
Dan Beard 19
Giving you a chance to win a prize
E.R. Sickels 54

Regular Features

Editorial Page James E. West 18
Hiking With Green Bar Bill [William Hillcourt] 20
The Scout World James E. West 21
Keeping Physically Fit Dr. C. Ward Crampton 22
Movies of the Month Franklin K. Mathiews 24


Scouting Section Dan Beard 30
Rural Scouting O.H. Benson, Editor 36
Think and Grin Francis J. Rigney, Editor 47
Stamps O.W. Simons, Editor 58

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