Sep 1933

Boys' Life

September 1933

Vol. 23 - N° 09

52 pages
David Hitchison



Medicine Sand
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Irving Crump 5
Sinister Salvage
Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
Jack Stanford Allman 8
The Grandstander
Illus. by Robert A. Graef
Malcolm Reiss 12
Vanishing Wings - (Part 2 of 3)
Illus. by William Heaslip
Raoul F. Whitfield 14
Mister Cromwell
Illus. by Easton West
Marvin L. De Vries 18
Squaw Boy - (Conclusion)
Illus. by Harold Anderson
Glenn Balch 20
The Fire Test
Illus. by A.D. Rahn
Leonard K. Smith 26

Special Articles

"There's a Snake!" Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars 10
Covering the World Irving Crump 16


Dancers at the Council Fire Dan Beard 23
Hiking With Green Bar Bill [William Hillcourt] 24
The Scout World James E. West 25
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 27
Sea Scouting   27

Regular Features

Editorial Page James E. West 22
Think and Grin Francis J. Rigney, Editor 37
World Brotherhood of Boys C. L., Editor 45
Stamps O.W. Simons 46
The Reader's Page E. O'Connor, Editor 47

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