Boys' Life

October 1932

Vol. 22 - N° 10

52 pages
Harold Anderson



Captain of the Eleven - Part 1 of 3
Illus. by Robert A. Graef
Harold M. Sherman 5
The House of Lou Wah
Illus. by Edgar McGraw
Jack Le Brun 8
The Autobiography of a Pine Marten
Illus. by George Wolf
"Grizzly" Smith 11
Illus. by Jerome Rozen
Paschal N. Strong 12
Big Top - Conclusion
Illus. by William Heaslip
Raoul F. Whitfield 14
Just About Ruined
Illus. by Seymour Ball
Leonard K. Smith 16

Special Articles

Gil Dobie Talks Football Edwin B. Dooley 10
An Old California Ruse
Illus. by A.D. Rahn
James E. West 17
Your Mechanical Fist
Decoration by Enos B. Comstock
John Amid 23


The Scout World James E. West 19
Hiking with Green-Bar Bill   20
Fire Making and Cooking Tips
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 21
Dan Beard's Scouting Service Dan Beard 25
Rural Scouting   40
Little Mike, Heap Big Nature Guide William B. Ashley 45

Regular Features

Editorial Page James E. West 18
What's New in the News   22
The Readers' Page   34
Think and Grin Francis J. Rigney, Editor 36
Stamps O.W. Simons 46


Praise for the Radio Amateur Orrin E. Dunlap 44
Boys' Life Cover Suggestion Results   48
Books Recommended this Month   48

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