Boys' Life

April 1932

Vol. 22 - N° 04

60 pages
Charles Livingston Bull



Northward, Ho!
Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
John T. Rowland 14
Drake's Sword
Illus. by Harry H.A. Burne
Merritt P. Allen 20

Short Stories

General Howe's Dog
Illus. by Thomas Lovell
Russell Gordon Carter 5
Victory at Lacrosse
Illus. by Louis G. Schroeder
Paschal N. Strong 6
The Phantom Monoplane
Illus. by William Heaslip
Captain Burr Leyson 8
The Lone One
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
Ben East 10
Tote Fair
Illus. by A.D. Rahn
Hewes Lancaster 12
Old Roarer
Illus. by Edgar McGraw
Raoul F. Whitfield 17


Should I Go to College?
Decoration by Enos B. Comstock
Myron M. Stearns 16
The Art of Pitching
Illus. by the author
Sol Metzger 18
Plant Trees on Arbor Day or Any Other Day
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 19
Curious! But True!   24
When the Inventors "Step On It"
Decoration by William Hesalip
Irving Crump 26
Outstanding Eagle Scouts of the Country   27
Helps for Model Coach Builders Frank C. Riess 57


Editorial Page James E. West 22
The Scout World James E. West 23
The Landing Field Augustus Post, Editor 30
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 33
The Readers' Page   34
The Lone Scout   38
Think and Grin Francis J. Rigney, Editor 44
World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by C. L. 53
Stamps O.W. Simons 54

Thanks to Matt Horbal for images of this issue