Oct 1924

Boys' Life

October 1924

Vol. 14 - N° 10

68 pages
Lynn Bogue Hunt

Rhino! - story
Illus. by Lynn Bogue Hunt
Carl E. Akeley 5
The Three Young Citizens - serial
Illus. by Lynn Bogue Hunt
P.W. Wilson 7
What the World is Doing P.W. Wilson 9
The Cruise of the Cuttlefish - serial
Illus. by J.O. Todahl
Francis Lynde 10
Kak, the Copper Eskimo - serial
Illus. by Douglas Duer
Vilhjalmur Stefansson
and Violet Irwin
Photographic Contest   14
Flashes on the Trail James E. West 16
Trailing and Surveying
Illus. by the author
Dan Beard 18
World Brotherhood of Boys Edited by E. O'Connor 20
Puzzlecraft   21
The Readers' Page   22
Think and Grin Edited by Francis J. Rigney 24
The Sky God's Cipher - story
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Charles Allan Herndon 27
The Luck of Capaloude - story
Illus. by Gordon Stevenson
Rafael Sabatini 28
The Mail Must Go Through! - story
Illus. by M. de V. Lee
Merlin Moore Taylor 30
Bud's $40,000 Hike - serial
Illus. by Remington Schuyler
Leonard K. Smith 32
The Mountain Man - story
Illus. by Sidney H. Riesenberg
Constance Lindsay Skinner 34
A Nose for Football - story
Illus. by Ralph Nelson
Ralph Henry Barbour 36
Hari, the Jungle Lad - serial
Illus. by Morgan Stinemetz
Dhan Gopal Mukerji 38
Og in the Valley of Fear - story
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
J. Irving Crump 40
National Council Official News Edited by James E. West 46
The Lone Scout   47
The Radio Tower Zeh Bouck 56
Stamps Orrin W. Simons 60
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 62
First Down! - poem Sherman Rigley 66

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