Dec 1921

Boys' Life

December 1921

Vol. 11 - N° 12

64 pages
Denman Fink

National Council News James E. West 1
Charles Livingston Bull
Star of the East - story
Illus. by J.E. Collins
J. Allan Dunn 3
Og Son of Fire - serial
Illus. by Charles Livingston Bull
Irving Crump 5
From Samnite to Tribune - story
Illus. by Douglas Duer
Paul Anderson 8
A President for a Christmas Present Edward Bok 11
The Fundamentals of Figure Skating Elon Jessup 12
Cat-in-the-Corner - story
Illus. by E.J. Dinsmore
Charles Tenney Jackson 13
The Spirit of Christmas - story
Illus. by James Reynolds
Brewer Corcoran 14
Roy Blakeley's Bee-Line Hike - serial
Illus. by Bert N. Salg
Percy K. Fitzhugh 16
One Thousand Dollars Reward - story
Illus. by John S. Curry
Joseph B. Ames 18
Sand and a Ski - story
Illus. by Hubert Mathews
Joseph T. Kescel 20
The Pirates and the Stowaways - serial
Illus. by Clinton Balmer
Dillon Wallace 22
Dan Beard's Scouting Section Dan Beard 24 -26
Christmas Sport for Husky Scouts Dan Beard 28
Think and Grin Edited by F.J. Rigney 33
Photographic Contest   34
On Nature's Trail   40
Newest Books for Boys Edited by F.K. Matthews 50
Stamps Kent R. Stiles 59

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