Norman Bate
When Cave Men Painted
Charles Scribners Sons, New York

from the dustjacket of the Scribners first edition


written and illustrated by NORMAN BATE

In the cave of Lascaux in the south of France the wall paintings of prehistoric man may still be seen. They are an important key to our understanding of times long ago – when men lived in caves and believed in the power of magic.

Here is the story of one particular cave painting. It tells of a fierce wild animal that struck terror into the hearts of the hunters – and how a boy and an old man used paints and brushes and tribal magic to make the hunters bold and fearless once again. It is a tense, dramatic work of fiction for young readers.

Norman Bate brings to this extraordinary picture book years of study in the field of prehistoric art. In striking two-color illustrations he skillfully recreates all the power and vigor of the actual cave paintings.


Norman Bate was born in Buffalo, New York. He studied at the Buffalo Art Institute, at Pratt Institute in New York, and at the University of Illinois. For several years he taught drawing and design at Pratt, and he has also worked as a newspaper and advertising artist.

Norman Bate's work and reputation as a fine artist rest largely in the field of printmaking. The etchings he prints on a century-old star wheel press have been purchased by museums and galleries throughout the country and have been awarded more than a dozen national prizes.

When Cave Men Painted is Mr. Bate's seventh book for children. The others are: Who Built the Bridge? - Who Built the Dam? - Who Built the Highway? - Who Fishes for Oil? - Vulcan - What a Wonderful Machine Is the Submarine.