Emery Barrus
Legacy of a Hunter
from the cover:

Travel to southwestern France, and you may visit La Grotte de Lascaux. You will marvel at the realistic and sensitive murals depicting the lives of the noble and intelligent people who lived there seventeen thousand years ago. Your mind will travel back in time, seventeen thousand years, and you may meet a man named Orin ....

Like every man who has ever lived, Orin's fate was determined by history. Like only a few men in the course of history, Orin took charge of his fate, and in so doing, he changed human society forever.

LEGACY OF A HUNTER is about a turning point in social history, that point when we began to change from a migrating hunter-gatherer society to a stationary society whose economy was based on animal husbandry, and whose survival depended on strange and wonderful new technology.

LEGACY OF A HUNTER is the story of one man who challenged authority and dared to be a leader. It is the story of his life, his loves, his struggle for power, and his struggle to protect his family and save his own soul.

Orin's story is our own.