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Earth's Children

The Clan of the Cave Bear
The Valley of the Horses
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage


Paul-Michael Agapow

Mills and Boon meets the Stone Age. Will Org the tribesman make up with Hrun? And what is Urgh up to? Will Gorg the herder carry through with his threat? ........

Dave Horsfall

Not your usual people-at-the-dawn-of-time, but some original twists in it. And lots of sex scenes, if you're into that sort of thing. Just three volumes so far, with a fourth (and last) promised.

Kathryn Andersen

Speculative History - tells of the trials and tribulations of Ayla, a Homo Sapiens girl brought up by a Neanderthal tribe, and what happened afterwards.... Very good speculation of the cultures, backgrounds, etc (seems the author actually did survival courses etc as part of her research) and of course the main character is the best thing about it. Three books so far and apparently three more planned, but no sign of them yet, I suppose she is researching the next one. As I said, is probably not SF, but only other possible category is Historical, and as is set in Pre-History, doesn't fit there either.

Malachi Orion Kelerison

After reading these books the one thing that sticks in my mind is the tea scenes. You see, every morning Jonalar wakes up and drinks the cup of tea that was prepared for him. He then tries to guess what was in the tea. He does this EVERY morning. Jean Auel had her standard tea scene and just changed the names of the herbs to protect the guilty. This works well as a metaphor for the whole book. They are well written (really they are), but even a well written scene gets boring after the 10th time. You can actually use a checklist to read these books. What saves this series is her research. She really *does* know what she is taking about and I learned a lot by reading it. Now if only she could learn to write these scenes in slightly different ways each time...
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