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photo: Giancarlo Botti    
Le Soir Illustré
September 14, 1989
N° 2986, pp 4-20

Album of a prodigious life

All Simenon

his women - his children - his novels - his travels - his happiness - his grief - his end - his legacy

original French

Curious since childhood
Houses with a view
Is communication closer
Three brief encounters
Liège lived in Simenon
The Simenon atmosphere
Jean Richard will make his 92nd
I'm the last Parisian
The Legacy at Liège
The author of the naked man
His handwriting reveals


The intense chapters of the novel of a life

Dead at 86, a genius who called himself a craftsman, the prolific author of 400 works, Georges Simenon, tormented father, mingled his ashes with those of his daughter, Marie-Jo, who had committed suicide. This roaming Belgian, faithful to Liège, left a fabulous legacy.

In 1957 with Jean Gabin – Jean Delannoy's Maigret – discussing pipes.

In the fullness of age, with a mustache.
An admiring and admired father - with Marie-Jo, his only daughter.
Three men in one


With Denise Ouimet, his second wife, a French-speaking Canadian, in their house at Echandens. The love before the hate. "She is three agents and six lawyers," he said. "She negotiates all my contracts. I don't do anything but write the books."


Curious since childhood, he enmeshed himself in the labyrinth of human nature. - Pierre Maury

Houses with a view of death - Alain Van Der Eecken

Is communication closer between those who couple? - Josiane Vandy

Three brief encounters with Simenon - René Henoumont

Liège lived in Simenon until the end - Jean-Marc Veszely

The Simenon atmosphere – how does it film? - Colin Riva

Jean Richard will make his 92nd television Maigret in New York - Bernard Meeus

"I'm the last Parisian of Maigret's district to see Simenon alive." - Marcel Leroy

The Legacy at Liège - Jacqueline Remits

The author of the naked man always wrote unadorned - Sylvie Lausberg

His handwriting reveals... prodigeously disconcerting - A.-M. Cobbaert

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