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Quai de(s).... Listed under next word. e.g. Quai des Orfèvres... Orfèvres, Quai des.

Quai des Orfèvres. see: Orfèvres, Quai des

Quartier Latin. see: Latin Quarter

Quatre-Septembre, Rue du. [Paris. 2e, Bourse. from Rue Vivienne to Place de l'Opéra]

It was a long walk from Saint-Lazare station [Gare Saint-Lazare]to Hôtel de Ville. Pietr took the shortest route, down the Rue du 4 Septembre, and through Les Halles. [1929-30-LET]

Carl Anderson said he delivered his work, fabric design, to Dumas and Son, in the Rue du Quatre-Septembre, once a month. [1931-NUI]

Boris Krofta ran an import-export business with offices in the Rue du Quatre-Septembre. They'd had the first floor flat at 17b Place des Vosges for over 15 years. About 45, Hungarian or Czech, M thought. [1937-38-amo]

Quatre Sergents de La Rochelle. This time the call [from Albert Rochain] had come in from the Quatre Sergents de La Rochelle, a restaurant on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, close to the Place de la Bastille. [1947-MOR]

Quatre Sergents de la Rochelle. It was at the Quatre Sergents de la Rochelle with Fernand Barillard that Mina Claes drank her first aperitif. [1965-PAT]

Quatre-Vents, Les. see: Les Quatre-Vents Ferdinand Fumal was the son of the butcher at Les Quatre-Vents, a hamlet a mile or so away. [1956-ECH]

Quay Rats Club. M already knew that they were the members of the so-called Quay Rats Club, and their leader, Oosting, called the Baes. [1931-HOL]

Quimper. [manufacturing and commercial commune, NW France, capital, Finistère dept. pop. 1968: 52,496. near Bay of Biscay, 112 mi. W of Rennes; ; sardine fisheries, pottery (Quimper or Brittany ware), tourism.]

M found a photograph of Emma at a fair with the big man [Léon Le Glérec], a card from Quimper. [1931-JAU]

M was reading a letter from Jorissen, who he had been friends with at school. He'd become a teacher at Quimper.... Five years later, passing through Quimper, M saw a rope merchant standing in his shop door, calling to his son, Pierrot. It was Pierre Le Clinche. M hurried past. [1931-REN]

Lucas said he'd stopped the van from the Voyages Duchemin Agency in the Boulevard Rochechouart. They'd collected a trunk from a 3rd-floor tenant, M. Bécheval, to be sent by goods train to Quimper. Martino's body was in it. [1936-pig]

Aunt Émilie (Mme M had eleven aunts!) being taken seriously ill in Quimper. [1938-owe]

Yvon Demarle had been born at Quimper. [1969-TUE]

Apparently Léontine Antoine and Joseph Antoine had been great travelers. They'd visited Quimper, La Baule, Arcachon, and Biarritz. They'd toured the Massif Central, and spent summers on the Riviera. [1970-FOL]

Mme. Nathalie Sabin-Levesque said she was born in Quimper. [1972-CHA]

Quimperlé. [commercial town, NW France, Finistère dept. pop. 1968: 10,698. about 13 mi. NW of Lorient.]

A few minutes later they were on the road to Quimperlé. [1931-JAU]

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