Wayne the more I think about it...
Avatar 8, p. 5

Wayne the more I think about it the more I'm SURE something is wrong with the Time schedule you're trying to run on. How can Joeys article be too late, those things always come at the right time, there is no way in the world to rush them without botching them up and missing huge chunks. You know I sometimes sat on a stage for hours in dead silence and the whole audience thought I should be playing. Now all these errors like in my LETTERS are only the result of rushing, nothing else the hill does fights the clock, why the paper. My letters come at a beautiful rhythm, always just the right amount at just the right time and I answer them accordingly and I don't waste a word, now I can't interrupt that flow to make sure you get them by such and such why how can you NOT if we're working together. Saturn rules time, you must learn time. Time is a way to reflect expansion, growth, it is a medium of creation we MAKE it and we FILL it and it is ours to mold and form we mustn't let our own creation dwarf us, we mustn't let it become a Frankenstein, we must RELAX with it, breathe freely, we must, most of all, ENJOY it. Do what feels right every moment and time will always FOLLOW you, it will be the graceful evidence of all your labors, the supreme accomplishment for man was surely that he was at home with time, that he MADE the time and that he understood what he made. Time works FOR us, always, until we set it up as an opponent and then it STILL works for us by frustrating our every move. Don't rush me cries the creation to the creator, I will fall into place if only you LET me.