How much you feel is an exact measure of just how alive you are.
Every time you feel pain it is just that much more of you that is trying to be born.
Every time you express what you feel it is that much more of you that has just been born.
We are constantly surrounded by the opportunity to give birth to more of ourselves.
Every time we do not express what we feel we commit an abortion.
Feeling is the presence of God within us.
God lives in our hearts.
When Eternal God made mortal man the heart that always was created the mind.
The mind is very young.
Mankind is very young.
The mind is an extension of the heart.
Man is an extension of God.
The mind seeks to remake itself in the image of the heart.
Man seeks to recreate himself in the image of God.
The mind must always subordinate itself to the heart.
Man must always subordinate himself to God
God Speaks Truth
The mind and man's understanding can only grow by receiving from the heart. The mind can
never discover the heart, can never RULE the heart but can only FOLLOW the heart. Man
will never find God, he will only forever become more and more in the SEEKING. What the
heart knows NOW the mind will know LATER. The mind will make all things its own and
move on, thus does the heart expand, thus does God continue to live. God is dead when the
mind seeks to rule the heart. Man is separated from his Creator when he THINKS he knows
what is right.
This is pride, this is separation, this is death.
There is nothing in life that the mind can know completely, there will always be more to come.
Your mind is merely STUFF that is being molded and formed and reformed and built up and
broken down, it is CLAY in the hands of the Creator and when it resists it becomes STONE
and is of no further use to the Law of Creation. That Law is MORE, forever and ever more
and more. There is no other absolute but more. Whatever is wrong with you is in your MIND,
THAT is your only individuality.
The heart is ALWAYS right, it is the sun, forever shedding light.
Your mind is the earth, a DARK planet forever RECEIVING light. Keep an open mind.
Mel Lyman

©1967, Trust Inc.