No. 22, Mar. 29, 1968, p. 4

Telling it like it is

Ride a subway during rush hour in New York City

Ride a subway during rush hour in New York City. If you can't, then do something else that is as close to that experience as possible. Look at all those funny people rushing around. Who ARE they? What are they FOR? Where are they GOING? I'll bet you can't answer those questions. Did you know that they are your CHILDREN, your RESPONSIBILITY? Did you know that you have to LEAD them, to GUIDE them, to FEED them, did you know that they are totally DEPENDENT on you for any kind of direction? Watch them, see how they learn. They read newspapers, they watch television, they go to movies, they read books, they have no other choice but to go to an OUTSIDE source to learn. They RELY on mediums of communication, they NEED them. They're not bad, they're not fucked up, they're CHILDREN. They don't know they need you, they don't know where newspapers and books and movies come from, all they know is that you have to eat and you have to work to eat and all that, the BASICS, it's up to YOU to give them more. Don't expect them to understand you, you're a complete mystery to them, they can only try and understand you by putting themselves in your place and that means with all their little worries and that means that if they were in your place they'd be worried about the same things they are worried about, the BASICS, they cannot POSSIBLY put themselves in your place and so they cannot POSSIBLY understand you, but it's up to you to understand THEM!


Mel Lyman