On the subject of LSD. LSD works because that's what it is. If it didn't work there would be no LSD. LSD does what it's supposed to do, further and accelerate the evolution of man. It is an organic development that came when it was needed. There is no reason to fear it, we created it because we NEED it, like the electric light. Everybody wants to know about it and that is proof enough of its importance. LSD does what alcohol did when IT was new and what EVERY new creation does, it lets a little more light into the darkness of man. It is art, it is philosophy, it is education, it is whatever fills the mind with more light. It takes man out of himself for a little while, out of the confines of his mind. It is a trip from the mind to the soul and back again, a ROUND trip. There is nothing strange or far out about LSD. Everyone has been a child, everyone sleeps at night, everyone has fallen in love, everyone has experienced many times what it is like to not be imprisoned by the mind. LSD simply loosens the connection between the mind and the soul. The difference between a child and an adult is the child has not yet developed a mind, a child is high on LSD. When we sleep we are not limited by our minds and so we experience life more freely, we are high on LSD. When we fall in love the heart rules the mind and so we experience ectasy, mindlessness, we are high on LSD. LSD is adult childhood, conscious sleep, subjective love. After one has experienced LSD under the right conditions what was once mysterious is no longer mysterious. He understands the mystery of childhood, the abandon of sleep, the joy of love, the chaos of insanity. Mindless existence is no longer feared and yet he realizes the absolute necessity of the limitation of mind for the mind is the souls extension into matter, the souls CREATION of matter. Mind is the instrument through which the soul creates an orderly world and only through the development of mind can the soul expand and become more. All form is only the evolution of mind at different stages of development. Man is the most evolved form, the highest creation, hence inherently the most aware of the need for order and fulfilling this need is called thinking. Thinking is building a mind. But there is more, there is that infernal gap between the builder and the building, the thinker and the thought, the giver and the receiver, the Creator and the Created. This gap has plagued man forever; the twilight zone, the point of infinity, the CENTER. A little too much on one side is materialistic, a little too much on the other is spiritualistic. This imbalance is the conflict and the challenge. In order to continue our development as humanity this gap must be spanned. The light that always was must now cross this bridge and illuminate the mind that the world may live in the light, that the soul might make the mind its own. This bridge is like a resistance between the transmitting primary winding and receiving secondary winding of a transformer, just enough life-energy-spirit dribbles through to keep the secondary circuit responding. As man slowly evolves the resistance is slowly lowered and there is slowly more life in the world, more CONSCIOUSNESS. Now LSD short circuits this protective resistor and the juice pours in temporarily burning out all the components in the receiving circuit, in other words, you LOSE your mind. The receiver temporarily ceases to exist, the mind returns to chaos and life is experienced in the transmitter, the SOUL. Of course this is all very temporary. Rebirth is inevitable, a new and better receiver is consciously constructed and we have a new and more conscious individual. Hooray! Now some people with or without LSD have gone to never never land and haven't been able to get back. It is inevitable that they will return to the world in time, what goes up must come down, and these people are temporarily insane, they cannot establish order in the world. There is nothing mysterious about insanity. A child is not yet able to help create an orderly world, he is temporarily insane. When we sleep we take a vacation from creating an orderly world, we are temporarily insane. At these times consciousness is not centered in the world of form, it is experiencing the world of content but the demands of the world of form must be met and the madman will become sane and the child will grow up and the sleeper will awaken and the lover will have to go out and get a job. Any inability to cope with the world of form and there create order is a measure of insanity, a poor connection between the mind and soul, an LSD. In our sleep walking consciousness we have only recognized the EXTREMES but truly we are ALL insane, we are ALL out of control, we are ALL high on LSD, we just aren't high ENOUGH. LSD only ACCELERATES what already is, makes us MORE of what we already are, brings us CLOSER to the Creator and as a result more in CONTROL of the created. Whenever and under whatever conditions, however we go about widening the connection between the soul and the mind we are drawing closer to the Creator be it religion or drugs or acts of bravery life makes us more and MUCH life makes us MUCH more and LSD is MUCH LIFE. The mind is ENRICHED, vitalized, FED by the soul. The mind IS the world, the soul IS the Creator. Man is the only form of life that has evolved to the point of taking part in the creation of the world consciously, all other forms are as yet almost mindless, almost totally unconscious and still at one with the soul. Nature is not yet separated from the creator, man IS, man has separated himself by evolving the mind so that he can take part in the creation of the world CONSCIOUSLY. Now man has developed LSD to realize this unity and this separation. It is not the only way but it is the quietest. Under LSD we realize that we are of the same stuff as our environment, all form is from one source, we SEE the source because the mind is temporarily held aside and we see form FROM the source, we are at ONE with the source, we ARE the source. There is nothing mysterious about all this, wise men have always had this experience. Call it inspiration, illumination, self realization, it is still very simple, the soul is all wisdom and all love, the soul is ALL. One who has experienced conscious unity with the soul, the source, God, one who has experienced consciously a state of mindlessness knows the meaning of life because for a moment he has been ONE with life, he has been life ITSELF. Men who longed for this experience used to spend their lives in meditation seeking to transcend the mind and see the Self, now with LSD it can be done in an evening. Be warned, losing your mind may be a little scary. Never take LSD without an experienced guide, someone who has HAD the experience and UNDERSTANDS it, NEVER take it alone, you might jump off a building with joy. Also, don't expect immediate salvation, you will still have to work in the world, you will have to come back and do the same old things, you are still obligated to create an orderly world only now YOU will have a little better of an idea WHY.

To you intillectuals who still want a descriptive explanation, an answer to what is LSD. Believe me it will never be written in words. Only that which is created by the mind can be defined by the mind. Can you define a kiss, loneliness, a hat full of rain. If it were possible I would do it for you but I'm sorry, this isn't one for the books. Take it or forget it, this time you're going to have to take a big chance, there is no way to prepare yourself, you either take it and understand it or you study it all your life and don't gain a WIT of a grain of knowledge so just TAKE it and see or FORGET it and just try to. LSD opens you to the Truth, that which you have been so feverishly SEEKING with your little mind all your life and that which you haven't FOUND because the mind cannot SEE anything bigger than itself, it can only finally REALIZE that there is something bigger than itself, its CREATOR, and just lay itself open and take a bath and afterwards brother, believe me, you will see how ridiculous this whole article is. I wish EVERYBODY would sit right down and gobble up 1,000 micrograms of acid and get it over with instead of drawing their misery on and on and being afraid and defensive and proud and lying and cheating and being careful and worrying and killing themselves every moment of their lives with meaningless trifles and unnecessary agony and aimlessness and greed and suicide and war and all this nonsense is so Goddamn unnecessary and YOU you dumb son of a bitches you're doing it to yourSELVES and you're doing it to everybody else and you're doing it to ME and I'm SICK of it so QUIT IT! WHY WHY WHY GET HIGH TAKE LSD AND SEE DO ANYTHING

Mel Lyman

©1967, Trust Inc.