Avatar No10, Oct 13 -Oct 26 1967, p.15

Letters to Mel

To Melvin Lyman,
Your cant is singularly repulsive and curiuosly naive for one who is regarded by his fellows as an "Avartar" having the evasiveness of a politician and the equivocation of a Greek oracle. I can only surmise that the anti-intellectual climate of your paper is indicative of your movement, and that you, as a self-styled equal of the Buddha, Jesus, and Emerson, leave more to be desired than do a great number of "straight" artists.
But to disregard your paper, (for that certainly is not creative) and with less animosity, I ask, what are you creating? I realize that one need not create something immediately tangible to all in order to consider himself a creative artist, one who follows the karma yoga, but would like to think that a true worker is neither equivocal nor evasive.
Your paper is informative, "Speed Scene", etc., but to be worthy of publication it must transcend the obvious, not the informative, of course, and offer new insights, not advertise them. I do not doubt your sincerity, only your competance.


P.S. Some humble advise, don't expect you to print it. . .


To K.K.
My first reaction to your letter was that you misspelled competence. My second was that it was such a bunch of gibberish I couldn't BEGIN to get into it. My third was just to simply state, I hate you you prick. Then I thought I would just say I hate you you prick with no explanations and let it sort of speak for itself, obviously it's already too late for that but you've got to admit, it would have been brilliant.
Then I decided that maybe if I finally got down and made some kind of effort to tell you why you're so blind that nuts like you would stop writing me. And then I began to feel sorry for you because you're so choked up with words and rules and theories that you can't even express how you feel without making it sound like a treatise on logarithms. And I know so many people like you, constipated toads, and I know that the only way I can ever reach you is to make you mad, the rest is just word words words and that's your whole problem, your whole perception is so blighted and muddled and SATURATED by such a jumble of words that words are the one thing you DON'T need. What you probably need is a piece of ass.

Mel Lyman dirty dog

P.S. I hate you you prick


O dear, Father mel:
old man, you light my fire. old man, I can see you. you are an arian. anyone knowledgeable can plainly note that. old man, young man, truth rapper, I like you. honest. then I am sagittarius. our flaming egos reach out and grok. I understand you. you are blunt, dropping a load with no padding on it. I see that.
hey, old man, why don't you ask people sending you letters to state each sign respectively. I'd love to see who your dissenters are. you really do love dissenters, don't you. something for you to burn, wood for your fire, something to battle against. you arian. and you know that if you didn't get those letters you'd be put out, you wouldn't be able to show your creative might.
old man, you are a fine feature in the avatar.
just keep laying out the truth.
by the way, like I said, I'm the archer. and my moon is in aquarius. and my rising sign is pisces. quite dramatic.
well, Father Mel, this bit of a letter won't do you no good in your column because I don't choose to be adverse. so just read it and smile and throw it away. I just wanted to say hello, I love you is all.

bye bye mel baby
Nicholas Kempf


Little Brother Sagittarius,
Not only am I an Arian but I have FOUR PLANETS in aries, all situated right at the base of my chart, in the nadir, burning at the roots, driving me from the very BOTTOM OF MY BEING to go forth and conquer, which I will. Aries says, "I AM". When Moses asked God his name God said, "I AM". That is the essence of aries, all creation is fuel to make the fire blaze, opposition, we "love" it, though we CAN do without it, and finally, only after all the fuel has been consumed and the fire is out, does our TRUE spirit come through, but that is hard for other signs to comprehend, they just see the "bright" side. My moon is in Capricorn in the first house which places me right flat square on this planet with a Saturnian tool that never tires, WATCH OUT, I'm a hell of a man! I have an ABUNDANCE of spirit, which most people mistakingly interpret as "ego" but then I'm only here to help the poor things. My ascendent is Sagittarius so my direction is UP. Do you know me?

I can make a rough prediction of the reactions to my writing by the various signs:
Aries I'd be curious, probably want to compete
Taurus Warmed by my fires
Gemini Disagree intellectually
Cancer Alarmed but recognize the "feeling" truth in my words
Leo Love me
Virgo Want me for a friend, though critical, "how can he be so sure?"
Libra Can't help but accept
Scorpio Want to fight
Sagittarius Find a big brother
Capricorn Wry, reserved appreciation, probably wouldn't acknowledge
Aquarius Don't know what I'm talking about, must be ego trip
Pisces Scared silly, comes on much to strong, isn't loving, want to "help" me

I AM the very "soul" of Aries


Love Letter No. 1

My Dear

I believe a woman is sacrifice
And acceptance of this makes me sad and proud

Proud that I feel so,
that I want to be more than you just for you

And sad in the knowledge
of its impossibility

With obvious love,


Dear Mel,
I am sorry this is sort of late but it took me a long time to get it down. This is about "To All Who Would Know" in the July 21-Aug 4 AVATAR No4. You are the first person I have heard who really gets the picture. All this love business is getting me sick, love love love love love. Most hippies love because this is the "in" thing, they are conforming in their own way. It is very hard to find real love. Not romantic love, but love of everyone and everything all the time, which I still haven't found completely, but I'm trying. They think they can find love by looking inside themselves with acid and pot etc. You have to look inside but you have to be on your own or else it isn't natural or real, it's just stimulated by a drug or something which means it's not really you, it's your shell filled with something elses ideas.
Love is great, but a lot of people I know don't quite understand. Maybe I don't either, but this is what I think. Their hip pseudo-love and ideas are not their own really, they're Ginsbergs or Learys twisted a little to fit themselves, if at all.
And about this "down with LBJ" business. Now I don't personally agree with him, but after all, he is the President, and who would want to have the problems of millions of people resting on only your shoulders? There aren't really that many qualified people, and most who are don't want to run. I don't despise him, I just pity him. Now, these are all my ideas and if some people don't agree, it doesn't bother me, because I'm myself with my own thoughts and opinions, not everyone elses, even if they are the majority. God bless you (if there is one) and keep writing the truth.


P.S. I know you like "ask" letters better than "tell" ones, but these are my ideas. You've already told me yours, so why ask?


Dear Tanya,
I LIKE you. . .and what a pretty name. It's people like you who are going to get the "real" work done on this planet. People who can truly "think for themselves" are people who will someday KNOW. People who don't fall for ANY of the crap, from EITHER side. It makes for a lonesome life but by God it's worth every single sad moment of it when you finally find what you were looking for. The rest of em just go to sleep, grab something that's close and easy, say, "this is where its at" and DROP DEAD in their tracks. Searching for the truth in and through yourself is a long long story of trial and error, rise and fall, laugh and cry, win and lose, there is NO REST, but you will learn how to rest en route. Beware of getting too hard, the more you learn the more you are obliged to give, you have to help all your lazy fellow travelers, it's ok to HATE them sometimes and prod them along with a good boot in the pants but don't RESENT them, only strike a child in anger. . . .
I like the way you say, "God bless you (if there is one)". That's the spirit! Don't take nuthin' for granted. I don't believe in ANYTHING! All I know is what I am, the rest hasn't happened yet. I know the great flood of feeling that wells through me, that's plenty enough God for me!

Melvin of the apes


Dear Mel,
You are so great I can hardly stand it, I would rather read your words that anything that has ever been written, the world has been waiting for a man like you to come along for a long time now, thank God you're finally here.

Love Mel