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No Dates [Sept. 22, 1967]
Mel Lyman: Leary


Tim Leary is news. We are a newspaper. Here is a late scoop:

What is a Tim Leary? It is something everybody wants to understand. It is obviously a very important phenomena. It stands for something exciting, maybe some kind of hope, at least something big enough to scoff at. Whether for or against it it is here and very real. Really it is a mirror. Really it is a rallying point. Really it is a new language. Really it is a way of talking about ourselves. Tim Leary the man is totally unaware of the intricate theories and explanations we draw up out of the labyrinths of our mind to attempt to put him in his place, in other words, no matter what he does and what he knows he is good for us, he makes us do and say and feel things we might not otherwise have occasion to experience, he is a psychedelic laxative.

If you have a Tim Leary in your heart, spit it up, talk it out, love it, hate it, USE it, that's what it's for. And if someday you should have occasion to meet Tim Leary the man, take a good look and see, maybe for the first time in your life, all the things you have been saying about yourself, you're much more complex than you THOUGHT he was.

on second thought:

I am half asleep, thinking about Tim Leary and this fire in me that won't go out. I'm thinking about how much credit Tim deserves for turning on a whole generation of misfits, I'm thinking about all the boobies who go around poor mouthing the man who put acid in their mouths and flowers in their hair and I don't even like the bastard myself but I sure do give him a lot of credit, he worked his ass off for a long time to get the LSD thing off the ground and just because a lot of people don't think he knows where it's at anymore still he was into it and doing it when they were in Junior High School. It's not true that I don't like him, actually I love him, he's got a lot of guts, I just wish he was a greater man than he is so that he would accept the responsibility of the leader that he is instead of running off to groove in the woods, I guess maybe he's tired, I think probably that a good dose of LSD would set him straight ....................................................

Mel Lyman