Prestige - 9901 - 1994 (1995)

The Prestige/Folklore Years:
Vol. 1 - All Kinds of Folks

Recorded 1960-1964

New York Town
Ramblin' Jack Elliott3:37
Railroad Bill
Ramblin' Jack Elliott5:10
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Ramblin' Jack Elliott2:46
Duncan and Brady
Tom Rush3:39
Rag Mama
Tom Rush2:35
Barb'ry Allen
Tom Rush6:42
Wagoner's Lad
Peggy Seeger3:16
Chickens They Are Crowing
Peggy Seeger2:29
Green Rocky Road
Dave Van Ronk3:39
Whoa, Back, Buck!
Dave Van Ronk3:39
Maggie Lauder
Jean Redpath1:58
Fife Overgate
Jean Redpath2:25
Joshua Gone Barbados
(Von Schmidt)
Eric Von Schmidt3:44
She's Like a Swallow
Bonnie Dobson3:02
Irish Exile Song
Bonnie Dobson3:25
Long Chain
Maxine Sellers4:41
Single Girl
Maxine Sellers4:03
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
Len and Judy2:52
This Life I'm Living
Len and Judy2:55

(Joshua Gone Barbados from Eric Sings Von Schmidt with Geoffrey Muldaur and Mel Lyman)

Mel Lyman