American Avatar, Summer 1969, p.7.


Mel Lyman

All life is ruled by law. And all law is individual interpretation of the essence of life according to individual need. In nature the law is obvious. In nations it is enforced. In man it is conceived and BEYOND man it is itself. A nation of men conceive and enforce law according to national need. And as nations grow so law expands. But new conception is always way ahead of old practice, and therefore law restricts some and guides others. At this particular time, on this particular planet, in this particular nation, there has become a vast number of people whose inborn moral development is at a higher state of maturity than the very law which was created to bring about that state of development and for these people that law is no longer necessary. They live outside of and in opposition to the law; they are outlaws. These people are on the way to becoming the new legislators of this land, the poles are shifting. They know Viet Nam is wrong because they SEE more than the ones who think it's right. They know that communism and capitalism must learn to co-exist and that one without the other is like night without day. They have conceived of a wiser way to live. So far they have no legislative power, they can only resist. But they have a power far greater than the power to control action, they are invested with the future of the world.