Avatar No11, Oct 27 - Nov 9, 1967, p.7.


One thing we must constantly keep in mind is that this country is the people IN it, it is how they FEEL. Granted there is a battle going on, between the people who FEEL the responsibility of doing what is right regardless of the price and the people who do NOT feel it but cling to old values for security, but it is so obvious who is going to win that we must look beyond the present controversy to where we are REALLY going. Don't let a little talk about concentration camps and down with the Revolutionists scare you, that isn't the major issue, we can't help but win, we are right, we are even becoming the majority. The old world is losing ground daily and we are GAINING ground and you can't expect victory without struggle, it will make us strong for the REAL work ahead, right now we are only involved in a minor housecleaning, we are zealously rooting out the rubbish but where are we going to DUMP it? The very same people we are in conflict with today are going to be our responsibility tomorrow, will we treat them with the same lack of understanding that they have treated US with once WE are THEIR leaders? We must learn from their mistakes, that is what the past is for. The new generation ALWAYS rebels against the old generation and once they finally get their way they get lazy, they get frightened, and they relinquish their revolutionary spirit for comfort and security, like father like son, are we going to once more repeat this age-old pattern. Right now we're up in arms. "Injustice", we scream, STAMP IT OUT, MAKE THE WORLD FREE FOR FREE MEN, SPREAD LOVE AND GOODWILL TOWARDS ALL MEN! Those have been mankinds pleas ever since he learned how to talk, nothing new happening today, the same battle is raging, the fervor is exciting but it bores the shit out of me, I've watched em come and go since time began, they cool off, they settle down, and then THEIR kids rush out in arms. So don't take your little skirmish too seriously, very unlikely you have the guts to carry it through, you'll cop out when the going gets rough, you always do, and then the next generation will storm the gates and try to pry you loose, men are so little. Opposition creates resentment and resentment breeds fury and fury incites movement and movement demolishes opposition and everybody goes back to sleep again. Who cares. I hope you ALL get locked up in concentration camps, it'll give you a reason to live.....

Mel Lyman