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Some Enlightening News

by Mel Lyman

When Johnson says, "My fellow Americans",
It doesn't warm MY heart.

When Humphrey says "We"
It doesn't mean ME.

They're talking about a baseball game......


Aug. 12, 1968. Fort Hill, Roxbury, Mass.1

There is a great illusion going on in this country and that is the illusion that the government is supposed to provide leadership, supposed to set the example to the people of how to live. That was only true when government was new, when it was great, when the greatest people in the country were the statesmen. Today the great people are the musicians, the actors, the filmmakers, the COMMUNICATORS! The spirit that begat this country is playing a new instrument.

All things begin as inspiration, on the highest level, and must necessarily descend to the needs of the lower levels. A truly successful song is born of the heights and is only fully realized when it has reached the dullest ears of man. This is organic development. We wish that a great man like John Lindsay might be our president but the reality of the present day dictates that the office of Mayor of New York is a much nobler office than that of President of United States. New York City is a more highly evolved entity than United States of America and necessarily creates a greater spokesman to represent it. At the Republican Convention this year Nixon was the only man there who really represented the level of that gathering. Even Rockefeller stood for more than was there. Reagan stood for MUCH more, he was California, a much greater institution. Robert Kennedy stood for more than the office of President of United States could POSSIBLY be at this time and therefore there was no way he could fill that office, the overflow would have flooded the country. There are thousands of men today who are MUCH too great to be the president of the United States, that office can only be properly filled by much lesser men. Our new leaders will not be statesmen, we don't need a great new government to be great, we've already DONE that. We need a great new direction but not in the area of politics, we need it in the area of communications. THAT IS WHERE THE NEW LEADERS ARE GATHERING.2 Let the Nixons and Humphreys and Wallaces keep house for us, we have a lot of work to do....

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2. All-caps only in American Avatar 2.