Diary of a Young Artist
Avatar 8, p. 4
Mirror: October, 1961, North Carolina.

October, 1961, North Carolina

It is October and there is a chill in the air and the leaves are beautiful
and everywhere there is a fragrance that can only be autumn
and there are wood fires and warmth and shelter where loneliness
and longing for other Octobers and far away places and faces are beheld
where all Octobers are but one and all and everywhere are present
and there lurks a beckoning to go back to the Octobers of my childhood
and the Octobers I want to share with others
and to open eyes and ears to the splendour of autumn and October
and running in cold winds with watering eyes and cold feet
and awareness where all might come and hold hands
and rejoice for the beauty of October
and the fire of life
and the infinital powers of the soul to embrace beauty