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New York Avatar

No. 7

August, 1968 - 25¢


[Eben Given cover]

American Avatar Number Seven.

Published in New York monthly during the summer by Eighty Wooster Press Inc., 80 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012.

Telephone: 212*925*3890

New York Avatar: Published Every Second Week by Eighty Wooster Press Incorporated, 80 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012.

Single copies 25 cents in New York, 35 cents elsewhere. Subscriptions Four Dollars for 26 issues.

Brian Keating, Editor; John Wilton, Manager; Eben Given, Artist; John Peck as The Mad Peck; Jon Maslow, Phil Stiles, Photographers; Wayne Hansen, Reporter; Jim Walsh, Treasurer; Carl Nagin, Roving Correspondent; Maia Babe, Pregnant Typesetter.

The series of drawings 'American Nightmare' and poem 'After the Evening of Indepence Day' on pages six through eleven by Eben Given and Wayne Hansen.

Articles & Columns
(8½" x 11" - 32 p.)
p. 2John Wilton: "ALL the News Before It Happens..." ("Here it is at last, folks, Avatar No. 7...")
masthead (above)
p. 3Avatar goes to a party
Pluto [Mel Lyman]: "I am trying to remember everybody in my life I ever wanted to hate..."
subscription form
p. 4Letters: David, J. Stewart, Woody Caggiano, Mel (continued on p. 39)
p. 5Mel [Lyman]: Contemplations: "What are we here for?..."
p. 6"I had thought to talk of revolution..."
p. 7Eben Given: drawing
p. 8"Shattered bones lay all about me..."
p. 9Eben Given: drawing
p. 10"And that was revolution..."
p. 11Eben Given: drawing
p. 12-17Wayne Hansen, photos by John Wilton: A Sermon Made in Latine
p. 18Mel Lyman: Buckley & Mailer
p. 19Paul Williams: With his Mercury in Gemini
[Mel Lyman]: Diary of a Young Artist: Summer, 1960, Minneapolis
p. 20Amos Moscrip: Towards the New Orientalism
Jon Lavengro: Taxi Piece
p. 21Jon Maslow: photo
p. 22-23Paul Williams & D.G. Hartwell: Thrilling Wonder Stories
p. 24Jon Maslow: Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1968 (photo)
p. 25Brian Keating: The Museum of Modern Art
p. 26-27Jon [Maslow]: Recent Photographs? Cartier-Bresson at the Modern: An open letter in review of some photographs by M. Henri Cartier-Bresson
p. 28, 30-37Peter Stafford: Documents of the Times: Everybody Look What's Going Down
p. 29Eben Given: drawing
p. 37article from the New York Daily News: "Rap Psycho-Siege Strategy"
p. 38Classified
The Group Image: Piggy Piggy Poke Poke (cartoon)
p. 39Letters (continued from p. 4): PG Wyal
ad: Overground Art (Posters)
p. 40ad: Douglas internation Recording Corp (Lenny Bruce, Richie Havens, Muddy Waters, Malcom X...)