Boston Avatar
Volume II, No. 2
no date [June 16, 1968], [p. 2]

Further Adventures of Super Editor

Increasingly desparate efforts of the Fort Hill gang have turned against the American Colony Press of Worcester, printers of AVATAR and many other Boston newspapers. Brian Keating, mastermind and super sleuth of the Great Avatar theft, feloniously entered the American Colony Press under cover of darkness to steal 3000 copies of the New York Avatar, which the printer was withholding for payment.

Under the pretense of moral conviction, Keating pulled off the dawn raid with a skill that comes of practice. A short time ago, Keating and his commandoes broke into the AVATAR offices at 37 Rutland Street to seize 45,000 copies of The AVATAR (issue 25) from the group that put out the paper in the absence of Fort Hill. Protesting that they were only interested in making movies and abdicating their responsibility for producing the AVATAR, the Fort Hill gang seized and subsequently destroyed the 45,000 papers as an example of their moral superiority.

In biting the hand that feeds him, Keating may have bitten off more than he can chew. The American Colony Press will not, in all likelihood, accept the Keating coup with the graciousness or apathy represented by the Boston Avatar