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Volume II, No. 1
no date [June 1, 1968], [p. 8]

Happy Birthday

This is the re-birth chart of the AVATAR.
The first issue came out June 9, 1967. We are one year old.
But more than that, this issue has been created with a new consciousness, and we are truly reborn.

In the birth chart, the Sun is in Gemini — the twins.
And up till now the paper has been true to that symbol.
There have been two factions unable to get together.
The conflict (the Sun square Uranus and Pluto) had to be worked out.
For several issues the AVATAR was put out in two sections.
But the conflict reached its climax with issues 24 and 25.
We became so separated that each of the two factions put out its own newspaper.
Both were incomplete.

A life and death struggle followed, and those who were able to let go of the past have created this issue.

Because we are reborn, we have a new chart.
In this new chart Neptune is exactly on the mid-heaven — the highest point in the chart.
Neptune is sacrifice to heavenly spirit, and sacrifice is the key word.

Everyone who has put this issue together
has had to let go of individual desires.
That is the only way we could include each other.
This togetherness is the new destiny of AVATAR
a destiny that will spread itself throughout the world.