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Boston Avatar

Volume II - No. 6

August 16 - 29, 1968 - 25¢


Vol. II, No. 6     August 16- 29
Editor In Chief:Dave Wilson
Assistant Editor:Charles Giuliano
Copy Editor:Sandi Mandeville
Production:Albin Wagner
Business Manager:Brian C. Faunce

Abercrombie Mass Media
37 Rutland St., Boston
Darlene Dumont
Arden Harrison
Margie Knowles
Sue Briggs
Tina Goldsmith
Howard Kilby
AVATAR IN BOSTON is published fortnightly and copyright c 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $4.50 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 25 cents. Subscriptions are sent free to men in prison and servicemen in Vietnam. AVATAR is printed by American Colony Press, Auburn, Massachusetts.

37 Rutland Street, Boston, Masachusetts
Call: (617) 261-8634

Articles & Columns
(11½" x 17½" - [24] p.)
p. 2Jerry Rubin: Yas, Mr. Rubin, God is with you!
p. 3BH: Support Your Local Police ("Robo-Cop" cartoon)
Persephone: "Political situations are never as simple as they appear..."
p. 4-5masthead (above)
HOT FLASHES (comic strips)
p. 6For the Free City Survival Committee: Don't go to Chicago!
Gary Rosenthal: SCENARIO: enter avatar salesman
p. 7David Wesley: tryptophane interrupted
p. 8Pascal Tchakmakian: Between Life & Death
p. 9-15Wayward Fancies of R.T. Manson, transcribed by R.B.S. (L'Pool)
p. 16ad: Country Joe & the Fish (Vanguard)
p. 17Charles Giuliano: "The back yard on 11th Street always teemed with the sly crawling of a wild band of cats..."
p. 18Robert Wolfe: Escalating the War Game
p. 19Mary Ann Duco: Report from Montreal
p. 20-21Rod Chase (LNS): More Aquarian Age
p. 22Survival Directory
p. 23Letters:
Craig Miller, anon, Steve
p. 24photo (back cover)