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Boston Avatar

Volume II - No. 5

August 2 - 15, 1968 - 25¢


Vol. II, No. 5     August 2 - 15

Editor In Chief:

Dave Wilson

Assistant Editor:Charles Giuliano
Copy Editor:Sandi Mandeville
Production:Albin Wagner
Business Manager:Brian C. Faunce

Abercrombie Mass Media
37 Rutland St., Boston

Darlene Dumont
Arden Harrison
Judi Jones
Margie Knowles

Ellen Esposito
Lynn Hill
Howard Kilby

AVATAR IN BOSTON is published fortnightly and copyright © 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $4.50 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 25 cents. Subscriptions are sent free to men in prison and servicemen in Vietnam. AVATAR is printed by American Colony Press, Auburn, Massachusetts.

37 Rutland Street, Boston, Masachusetts
Call: (617) 261-8634

Articles & Columns
(11½" x 17½" - [24] p.)
p. 1Dick Davis: cover photo
p. 2four columns of paragraphed news
masthead (above)
p. 3Ned Hanes: Joe Timilty ### Does He "Worry" YOU
p. 4Charles Giuliano: ROAR of the CROWD
p. 5Pebbles: An Off Day in Boston
p. 6Bill Bool: P.A.C.H. 4
What is CAUSE?
p. 7Benno Friedman: photo
p. 8Charles Giuliano: Merkin ... Obelisk Gallery
p. 9Scaramouche: Short Notes on the Sexual Revolution
p. 10Women rap about sex. reprinted from "Notes from the First Year"
p. 11Charles Giuliano: Dah Broads
p. 12-13Rich Stafford: photos
p. 14Arden: The Feminine Mystique
p. 15Varerie Solanas: Scum ©1967 Varerie Solanas. (LNS)
p. 16-17Charles T. Ardenski, BigBoy, Queen: Assemblage [drawings and photos]
p. 17Roxanne Amanda: review of Petulia [film]
p. 18Benno Friedman: photo
p. 19Thomas Alexander: The Engagement
p. 20-21Pascal Tchakmakian: Between Life and Death
p. 22Street Survival Directory
p. 23Announcements.
p. 24Benno Friedman: photo (back cover)