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Boston Avatar

Volume II - No. 3

July 4 - 18, 1968 - 25¢


VOL. II NO. 3 JULY 4 - 18
Editor-in-chiefDave Wilson
Associate EditorCharles Giuliano
Managing EditorSandra C. Manderville
Production EditorAlbin Wagner
Business ManagerBrian C. Faunce
Darlene Dumont, Debbie Ingols, Judi Jones, Terri Lessard, Mary McFerrin
Ellen Esposito, Lynn Hill, Howard Kilby
AVATAR IN BOSTON is published fortnightly and copyright c 1968 by Avatar Incorporated. Subscriptions are $6.00 per year (26 issues), single copies available for 25 cents. Subscriptions are sent free to men in prison and servicemen in Vietnam. AVATAR is printed by American Colony Press, Auburn, Massachusetts.

37 Rutland St., Boston. Call: (617) 261-8634

Articles & Columns
(11½" x 17½" - [24] p.)
p. 2Wretched American [four columns of paragraphed news]
masthead (above)
p. 3Charles Edward Giuliano Jr.: "Flash, grass on the common as common as grass, or commoner..."
p. 4Charles Giuliano: The Long Hot Summer
p. 5Dave Wilson: To My Brother on the Street
Lee Kelly: City Hall Incident
Omar: The Snacklestalkers: The Litter of the Law (cartoon)
p. 6Marshall Law: Desecration City
p. 7Revolution (drawing)
p. 8Hans Bok: drawing (1937)
Diane Di Prima: Revolutionary Letters. No. 3
p. 9-11George Larrabee: The Unfinished Revolution
p. 12-13Martin Carly: drawing
p. 14Mike Hall: John Wells Court Martial
p. 15Stewart E. Albert: narks bust rubin for political crimes
p. 16-17ATMA THEATER PLAYS (quotes and drawings)
p. 18PACH
p. 19Thomas Alexander: Of Boston
p. 20Charles Giuliano: Moondog
p. 21Happenings
Street Survival Directory
p. 22Letters
Subscription form
p. 24Spirit of 68 (back cover drawing)