Boston Avatar
Volume II, No. 1
Memorial Day, 1968, [p 5]

Well fans, we're back. Hope you didn't mind the long delay but we've been experiencing sizeable setbacks in our operation and consequently it's been, up to now, nigh unto impossible to produce an issue that wasn't considerably below the standard we have so lavishly striven to achieve and create in the past. You've all heard rumors, I'm sure, about power struggles and newspaper thefts but let me assure you that they are false, there has only been a mere juggling of immediate personnel, letting the old make way for the new so to speak, so to SPEAK, which of course is our function. And speak we will, with one voice, or a multitude of voices, still, truly, only one voice, and that, of course, is the voice of the AVATAR, a tongue that will not and CAN not be silenced. And we are back, oncemore, WITH that voice, a voice that knows the truth and SPEAKS it, a voice that may speak with one tongue or MANY tongues, still, a voice of truth. All that has, up to now; struggled to be, struggled to attain form, struggled to forge its way from the pride of silence to the hearts of men, all that has emerged, all that is, all that will be. All that WILL be, and you will be a PART of it, for the AVATAR is not a group, not a gathering, not a society, the AVATAR INCLUDES all that strives to attain that union, the AVATAR EMBRACES that struggle for the AVATAR IS that struggle. No one will be left out, for it is not the private dictates of any one man, or any one idea. It is an open door with a high, high step, a door that has ALWAYS been open to he that had courage to CLIMB to it. Only YOU can shut the door....