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Boston Avatar

Volume II - No. 1

Memorial Day [June 1 - 15], 1968 - 25¢


(front and back wrap-around cover 35" x 24")

no front page title, no masthead

title information and date on p. 5.
bottom of p. 5:
"published by AVATAR Incorporated"

Articles & Columns
(17½" x 23" - [12] p.)
p. 2Vietnam photo "1968" [U.S. (?) soldiers posing next to decapitated bodies]
p. 3"The Wall Street Journal"
p. 4Review and Outlook: Visionary Spirit is not only the Psychedelic Drug
Some Minor Drugs
Sanctuary Violated by Boston Police - Macabre Setting for Spock Trial
Letters to the Editor
p. 5Avatar title line
Dvora: 2000 Years of Eyewitness News
Eben Given: drawing
Well Fans We're Back
Paul Easton: 2001 - Year of Eyewitness Views (whew!)
p. 6-7drawing with poem: "Stand in the path..."
p. 8Happy Birthday [with astrological chart]
Barry Philip King: Letter to Mel
Mel Lyman: response to Barry King
Marlyse Schwartz, for Susan B. Anthony, Inc.: "The federal marshalls have announced that they will come by two o'clock..."
p. 9The Aquarian Age
The Emperor's New Clothes
Big City Blues
The Science Article
Washington Wire
Note to Kevin
p. 10background drawing with poems:
Mel [Lyman]: "When the rain came..."
Dvora: "We are all truth tellers..."
Ed: "Being alone is not a simple thing..."
"An seeing that child..."
Norma Lynn Lyman: "I saw the flowers so beautiful and glowy..."
Melinda [Cohen]: "My savior was hanging from a tree..."
p. 11photo: "Arlington Street Church, 1968"
p. 12back cover: wrap-around painting with front cover