Reprise - 6353 - 1969

American Avatar

-- Love Comes Rolling Down

The Lyman Family with Lisa Kindred

Liner note (unsigned):

This is CONTEMPORARY music. In this new age whose keynote is the destruction of old forms and the birth of new spirit our ears are still constantly insulted with the musical establishment's attempts to "hold on" to the old traditions whatever the cost. Music is neat and clean and void of real life. We say fuck those people, we just want to blow. Folk music is dead, it got too fond of itself. Jazz is dead, it got too lost in itself. Rock is screaming its brains out trying to make up for the loss. But there is a new sound known only to a few, a sound of death and conflict and reconciliation and fresh air. It fits no categories, it just IS. And that is what we are presenting you with, a whole sound. Not clever parts, not individual achievement, this is the sound of a GROUP SOUL being born...

Liner note by Mel Lyman:

I've been waiting to get this record released for three years and it is finally only possible now because I played the tapes for Mo Ostin a few months ago and be loved them. Everyone I have ever played these tapes for has been deeply moved, it is great music. The force that drew us together to record this music is the same force that is always evidenced in great works of art, and like all great works of art this music was created to elevate men, we were merely the instruments. We played this music but we didn t make it, it passed through us like light through the darkness. And like all great works of art this music had to await its time, it even took awhile for us to appreciate it. I have marveled at these tapes for years and have never ceased to find more and more in them, more grace, more perfection, more magic, more God. And now I have passed them on to Mo and he is passing them on to you in the form of a record album. This is no album, it is a miracle.

Mel Lyman

Cover photo of Mel Lyman

Lisa Kindred (cancer) Vocal
Mel Lyman (aries) Harmonica
Jim Kweskin (cancer) Guitar
Terry Bernhard (tautus) Piano
Geoff Muldaur (leo) Guitar
Reed Wasson (gemini) String Bass
Bruce Langhorne (taurus) Guitar, hand drums, electric bass
David Gude (aries) Recording Engineer
Ed Fox (aquarius) Technician

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Produced by Mel Lyman


Side One
  1. California Water -- Take One 4:19 (Traditional) (Arranged by The Lyman Family)
  2. James Alley Blues 4:41 (Rabbit Brown)
  3. Good Shephard 4:59 (Traditional) (Arranged by The Lyman Family)
  4. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well 5:25 (Traditional) (Arranged by The Lyman Family)
Side Two
  1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Man To Cry 4:29 (Bob Dylan)
  2. My Love Comes Rolling Down 6:56 (Eric von Schmidt)
  3. California Water -- Take Two 9:19 (Traditional) (Arranged by The Lyman Family)
Time 40:07