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47 West 63 Street, New York 23, N. Y.
SUsquehana 7-4084

Dear Friend:

   Ever since the Blue Heron Press was established, we have been planning to publish Howard Fast's world-famous play, THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER. But play publication is difficult at best, even for a large publisher; for a small house like ours, it has until now been impossible.

   Last year, however, Mr. Fast's British publisher, John Lane and Company, decided to bring out THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER in book form -- which gave us the opportunity of importing 1500 sets of sewn sheets.

   We would like to tell you why THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER is called "the most widely played drama of our time." Mr. Fast wrote this play in 1948 for American production, but developing political events made such production impossible. However, two years later, the play opened in Sydney, Australia -- and then in Melbourne. A world premier was held in Prague at about the same time, after which the play opened and had long runs in Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Bucharest and Tel-Aviv. Two companies toured Israel with it, playing on the Kibbutzim. It opened two years ago in Moscow, playing simultaneously in two leading theatres, and then opened with two companies in the Polish Yiddish Theatre. Subsequently, there were productions in Canada, Belgium, Italy and Bulgaria. A Chinese version has just opened, and last year, there were ninety-two separate Soviet productions of THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER. Productions are now being prepared for Great Britain, France and India.

   The success of this play has been a dramatic phenomenon -- and you will find reading it as great a pleasure as reading any Howard Fast book. It is a play which breathes love of America and hatred of the witch hunters, a play which cuts to the root of our time and struggle.

   Now we are making 1500 copies available to our subscribers, in a beautiful library binding, each copy numbered and autographed by Mr. Fast. The price is $2.50, which covers the cost of packing and mailing.

   There will be no other American edition of this book, and when the 1500 copies are exhausted, it will be unavailable. We urge you to place your order immediately -- using the enclosed wallet envelop. All orders must be prepaid.


                J.W. Ross [signed]

                THE BLUE HERON PRESS, INC.