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from the dust jacket of the 1981 Houghton Mifflin first edition

The Legacy

With the publication of The Legacy, Howard Fast continues the saga of the Lavette family during the 1960s. Barbara Lavette, Dan Lavette's brilliant and talented daughter, dominates the story. She finds herself deeply involved in the women's movement, she faces the fact that her son Sam is now in line to be drafted to Vietnam, and thereby she is once again caught up in the sweep of history.

The story covers a time of great turbulence and the Lavettes are at the center of things -- a civil rights lynching in the South, the Six-Day War in Israel, the undercover violence of the Nixon years, Vietnam, riots in the streets. But there are moments of immense satisfaction too, as the children in the third generation of Lavettes take their place in society and make a statement for their own ideals.

And for Barbara there is a brief and bittersweet marriage, an affair whose deeper possibilities remain always to be explored, and the final and continuing elation of being a truly independent person -- powerful, strong-willed, and infinitely capable of meeting trouble head on.

The Establishment, The Immigrants, and Second Generation received wide acclaim and phenomenal commercial success. Without question, The Legacy will enjoy the same best-selling reputation.