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from the dust jacket of the 1977 Houghton Mifflin first edition

The Immigrants

"With The Immigrants Howard Fast definitely re-establishes his standing as one of our best story tellers. It is an extraordinary mixture of toughness and tenderness, terrifying and touching, one of the most absorbing narratives I've read in years. More penetrating than most novels, it presents a sweeping vision of a widening America in a series of interrelationships among the aliens who become the builders of a nation. It is truly an unfolding historical saga." --Louis Untermeyer

The Immigrants is also a love story of great beauty and great tenderness, the kind of love story that entangles the reader in the lives of the characters, so that after the book is closed, one continues to live with those characters.
 &nsbp; And, fortunately, the reader will not have to say farewell to them once the book is done. The Immigrants is complete in itself, an absorbing novel of high adventure, romance, joy, and tragedy. But it is also the first in a trilogy that will tell the story of three California families over the course of the twentieth century.

There are few books published today like The Immigrants. You will not only read it, you will participate in it. And you will finish it with a sense of having deeply experienced a decisive part of our times.