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from the dust jacket of the 1959 Crown first edition

The Winston Affair

A dramatic and thrilling novel centering around an Army court-martial in the Far East during World War II.

Captain Barney Admas is appointed defense counsel for an army lieutenant who, by his own admission, had brutally murdered a British sergeant. Adams had been specially summoned by the commanding officer to plead this case. There were specific reasons for this: Adams had a magnificent battle record; he was a hero; he had been highly trained as a military lawyer; much more important to the commanding officer, he was a regular "Army man," a West Point graduate and the son and grandson of distinguished army officers. Though no one had any doubts as to the ultimate verdict of guilty, it was felt that the record should show a fair trial with the best possible advocate for the defendant. But Captain Adams showed a highly unpredictable tendency to look below the surface of this "open and shut" case. What he found -- and what he did about it -- is the core of this supremely exciting story.

THE WINSTON AFFAIR brings a new dimension to the work of one of America's most important novelists. Not only is it a fine and challenging novel, brilliantly written -- perhaps the best writing that Howard Fast has done -- but it is a profound parable of the time we live in.

Again and again over the past twenty years, Howard Fast has put a literary spotlight upon our central problem. Here he deals with a moral issue basic to the entire fabric of human existence -- and does so in a novel you will not be able to lay down, once you have begun it.

THE WINSTON AFFAIR is not only an important novel by an important novelist. We believe that it is a memorable and lasting contribution to American literature -- a book that will be read and discussed for a long time to come.