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from the dust jacket of the 1993 Crown first edition

The Trial of Abigail Goodman

In the not-so-distant future, abortion is a crime punishable by death. This is the fascinating premise of best-selling novelist Howard Fast's powerful and provocative new novel, The Trial of Abigail Goodman, which depicts the harrowing legal battle one woman must wage when she exercises her right to choose.

When Abigail Goodman, a forty-one-year-old wife, mother, and professor of Women's History at Hilden University, finds herself pregnant for a third time, she faces one of the most agonizing and important decisions she will ever have to make. With her two children grown and her newly rekindled career a success, Abigail chooses finally to terminate her pregnancy.

A few weeks later, Abigail is arrested and indicted under a law that retroactively makes abortion a capital offense. In the trial that follows, Abigail finds herself fighting, not only for her right to choose, but for her very life.

Filled with driving suspense and powerful emotion, The Trial of Abigail Goodman plays out with vivid and frightening realism one of the most important and controversial issues of our day.