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from the dust jacket of the 1985 Houghton Mifflin first edition

The Immigrant's Daughter

In this triumphant conclusion to the Lavette sage, Howard Fast brings the story of a remarkable family up to the present, to the fourth generation. As Dan Lavette dominated The Immigrants, so his eldest child, Barbara, is the focus of this wide-ranging and passionate novel.

After a life filled with danger, love, and death, Barbara, now in her sixties -- once a foreign correspondent and a participant in most of the events of her time -- is living a simple life in her beloved San Francisco, where she is surrounded by the endlessly varied Lavette clan. And then, almost on a whim, she runs for Congress and sets in motion a series of adventures that bring her back to the excitement of the times, to a renewal of romantic love, to mortal danger as a reporter in Central America, to loss and tragedy, but in the end to an exultant embracing of life.

Howard Fast, one of our greatest novelists of American themes from the Revolution to the present, has in The Immigrant's Daughter completed the portrait of a very American heroine.