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from the dust jacket of the 1942 Harper & Row first edition

The Tall Hunter

After many years as a hunter and a trapper, Richard Hammond married Ellen May, and settled down in their frontier cabin. But one terrible day Richard returned home and found that Ellen May had been taken captive in an Indian raid.

From that time on, with a heart full of bitterness and hate, Richard searched for his wife. A thousand miles was grass under his feet as he went from tribe to tribe, looking for Ellen May, and his name became a dread one because of the Indians he killed in revenge. Still he searched, but his hope was almost gone when, one day, he met Johnny Appleseed [1774-1845]. That kind, gentle stranger who planted seeds in the wilderness so that men would find fruit to eat, tried also to sow in Richard's bitter heart the seeds of understanding and forgiveness. It was Johnny Appleseed, friend to all men, who finally found Ellen May for Richard, and left them both with a legacy of peace.

This deeply moving and exciting story is by the author of The Unvanquished and The Last Frontier. It is illustrated with over fifteen pictures in black and white.