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from the dust jacket of the 1995 M.E. Sharpe first edition

The Bridge Builder's Story

When Scott Waring married the woman he adored and took off on a European honeymoon in 1939, he felt he had all that life might offer any man. But the honeymoon turned into a nightmare, and Scott Waring was plunged into the most horrific episode of the 20th century, Germany under the Nazis and WWII. Faced with an agonizing loss, Waring embarked on a desperate search for healing, redemption, and love.

Guilt-ridden and confused, Waring begins to piece his life back together. Why was he so naive? What in heaven's name made him bring the gun? Would the images of his beautiful wife haunt him forever? And then he met Janet at a Village restaurant, and once again he found a reason to live anew. But she was not like him, not of his kind.

The Bridge Builder's Story transcends death and time. It is the story of the agony of Jews in a Christian world. It is a story that will grip you from the first page to the last, a story of high adventure, of hope and despair and final exultation. The Bridge Builder's Story cuts to the marrow of our time, the crisis of our civilization -- the Holocaust. Yet it is more than a book about death and destruction; it is a love story, a moving, agonizing love story in which a Christian man, a white Protestant American, is forced to confront and deal with a world he never dreamed of or believed could be. This book will tie you forever to the people on its pages.