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from the dust jacket of the 1989 Houghton Mifflin first edition

The Confession of Joe Cullen

In Central America, a priest, Father Francis O'Healey, is flung to his death from a helicopter at eight hundred feet, and in New York City, the chopper pilot walks into a West Side precinct house and confesses to the crime. So begins a most extraordinary tale by one of the finest writers of our time. In the pages that follow, a thoughtful, intense detective picks up a tangled trail marked by two more seemingly unconnected murders and mysterious pressures put on the normal justice system. What manner of man is Cullen, the chopper pilot? What are the forces attempting to control his destiny? Detective Freedman's search for the answers to these questions leads him to put not only his career but his very life on the line.

This is another new and surprising side of the Howard Fast who has been entertaining readers for half a century. The Confession of Joe Cullen reads like a page-turning thriller, but it is more than that. A morality tale that cuts to the heart of our time, this is a story about drugs, about lies and deception within the government, about fears, and about faith in oneself and one's country.