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As information on the WWW proliferates by the minute, it becomes a more and more valuable resource. Locating the information you want requires using one or more of the numerous Internet search engines, which catalog and organize Web information in various ways. There are services which are not search engines themselves, but which gather various search programs (and sometimes additional resources) together, allowing you to conveniently present your query to a number of them, sometimes simultaneously. These pages provide information about and access to the current search engines and services.

Adding a URL to a search engine
For people or companies with a home page on the WWW, you can either wait around for a search engine to 'discover' your site, which might take a while, or you can actively submit your address (URL) to the various engines. Most search engines have a facility to let you add your own URL to their index. Here's how:
For Alta Vista, you click on Help, then at the bottom of the screen click on Add URL. For HotBot, the ADD URL link is on the search page, below the search form. InfoSeek has Add Site at the bottom of their search form, which is the same for InfoSeek Ultra. OpenText has a Submit Your URL link at the bottom of their search page. And Add a URL to Excite.
There are also numerous pay and free services which will submit your URL to multiple search engines for you, such as Submit-It!, and pages like Add-Me which let you add your URL to numerous engines for free with a single form.

More About Search Engines
If you'd like to learn more about search engines, try a visit to Search Engine Watch.

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July '99 Nature article showed Northern Light the most powerful search engine on the web - indexing a greater percentage than any other... but only 16%!

New! Oct. 2001 - Cadre of upstart search engines seeking to challenge Google's hold on Net

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(To search for a phrase, enter between quotes, or put (any) punctuation between the words: "Howard Fast" or Howard:Fast. Lower case will also find upper case, but upper case will only find exact matches. The "*" can be used as a "wild card" (after at least 3 letters), so colo*r will find both color and colour. A "+" before a word means it must be present, a "-" means it must be absent.) Alta Vista Search Help


(Default is to search for ALL the words you enter. Phrases can be indicated between double quotes. Put a minus "-" before any word which "should not be present". Case insensitive unless mixed case appears inside words, like "neXT".) HotBot Search Features

Highway 61 is a metasearch engine that will submit your search to Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Infoseek Ultra, Hotbot, Excite, etc., and then list the results on a single page.

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Best Search BizWiz! CSTR ClassMates Online
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ESP Excite Explore FAQ Archive
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Galaxy Global Online Directory Harvest HotBot
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InfoSeek InfoSeek Ultra InfoSpace Internet Address Finder
Internet Movie Database Internet Sleuth Jughead JumpStation
Lokace LookUp! Lycos Magellan
MetaCrawler MetroScope MS Explore the Internet NetMall
NetFind Yellow Pages Nexor AliWeb NIKOS
NlightN OKRA Pathfinder
Point Search Research-It! Savvy Search search.com
shareware.com SIFT Starting Point Switchboard
Time Warner's Pathfinder TradeWave Galaxy Tribal Voice Unified Index
URLSearch Veronica Virtual Software Library W3 Catalog
WebCrawler What-U-Seek WhoWhere? Whois
WWW Worm Yahoo Yellow Pages