Hawk, Pat - Comprehensive Reference of Modern Authors' Pseudonyms.
1637p. Cloth. [0-9643185-2-0]

Third edition of the most comprehensive volume on authors and their pseudonyms covers All popular genre as in previous editions, with significant additions of Poets, Playwrights, Journalists, Columnists, Screenwriters, Cartoonists and more. Mystery, SF, Romance, Western, Literature and Juvenile are extensively covered. More than 61,000 author pseudonym attributions are included. International in scope. Information has been compiled from author interviews, fanzines, inputs from many of top genre bibliographers & over 80 major reference books. Author section lists full author name, nationality, birth/death year [or period writing], all known pen names, genre, publisher, title & date released. Pseudonym section lists the pseudonym in bold and author[s] indented below. Where multiple authors have used the same pseudonym, an annotation is provided such as collaboration, house name, shared or ghost. Hawk's III provides a roadmap to many other references to facilitate further research. Hawk's III is ruggedly bound. The last edition sold in over 20 countries. Libraries, bookdealers, book collectors and genre fans have all found Hawk's Authors' Pseudonyms to be an invaluable reference.

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Martin [Pat] Hawk